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What our clients say about us

Thank you so much for assisting me with the process of, firstly, organising additional services for both my mother and father and, subsequently, assisting in their resettlement in aged care facilities.  Your assistance has been invaluable.  From my perspective, the aged care regime is a terrain of generally unintelligible rules and regulations.  I have greatly appreciated your help in guiding me through that maze.  Not only have your services been provided promptly and efficiently and in an intelligible manner, they are also cost-effective.  I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.


November 2021

I heard about Sara Cook and her Aged Care Planning business through a life long friend and it was immediately evident that she was the very person I needed to help guide me through the overwhelming mine field of the Aged Care industry.

My elderly mother had early on-set dementia and even though she was determined to stay at home I knew this was not possible moving forward.

Sara’s complete understanding and comprehensive knowledge of this industry is nothing short of outstanding. She guided me through the entire process from start to finish and I will be forever indebted to her for everything she achieved.

I cannot recommend Sara highly enough.

Nigel Hill

September 2022

To whom it may concern,
I have elderly parents who’s wish was to stay at home for as long as possible, it was an extremely challenging time for the family with my father ailing and a fiercely independent mother who was trying to undertake everything required to look after my father and her home.
We heard about Sara Cook from friends, Sara was able to visit my parents and was able to clearly understand the issues and navigate the emotional mind field. Sara has organised the help that is required for today to keep my parents at home and a plan for the future.
Sara has put all our minds at rest I can’t recommend her more strongly.

Kindest regards,

22nd September 2020

I would like to highly recommend Sara Cook whose services we used for our aged parents who had lived in their own home for over sixty years.  It had become apparent they could not manage at home anymore as Dad was in and out of hospital and Mum needed respite as she had dementia.  It was a highly emotional, complicated and stressful time for myself and my two sisters, and of course Mum and Dad
Sara’s professionalism and sound knowledge of the Aged Care Industry was invaluable to us at a very difficult time.  She provided and guided us with the best financial contacts to navigate all the financial implications we were faced with, such as bond negotiation and choosing the right aged care facility for our parents.  Sara handled all the negotiations towards their final placement after liaising with us.
Sara was patient, kind and understanding and we are so grateful and indebted to her for all she did for us.
She lifted all the worry from us so we could just focus on being with Mum and Dad in their time of need
I remember Sara’s comment to us when all was finalised, “ you girls can now have some peace”  and we did.

October, 2020

Sara has been an absolute Godsend for our family as we are located offshore with no local relatives. My mother is an intellectual and challenging woman, and Sara managed to generate a meaningful friendship with her almost immediately. Sara advocates for mum, keeps us informed and goes the extra mile – picking up favourite food items and taking care to check on the little things. We simply couldn’t function without her care, pragmatism and efficiency.

Louisa 2020