Case Management

I live overseas and my Mum has no family in Melbourne, she now lives in an aged care residential facility.  At times the facility rings to tell me Mum has fallen, unwell or needs some personal items.  I am so far away and feel helpless at times.

Having someone, local with a sound medical knowledge can be a great relief when distance separates you from family loved ones.

We can oversee care of loved ones in care or at home, as a registered nurse Sara can assist with working through medical concerns and provide feedback to the family after visiting their family member in care or at home and talking to medical and nursing staff.

So if you are not close at hand, you may be on holidays or living outside of Melbourne you can engage our services to manage your parents care.

Case Management includes advocacy and other services for families and carers during absences, acting as an advocate for issues with a service provider and other related service support.

If you feel your current needs do not fit in to the above services give us a call as individualized services are on offer.