Placement Service

Mums had a fall and is in hospital with a broken leg.  The medical staff has let us know that she cannot return home and will need 24 hour care.  We have been told we need to find a nursing home bed within the week.  I don’t know where to start!

  • Tell us your story and what is most important to you in life and together we can find the right aged care residential facility.
  • Did you know the Resident Accommodation Deposit (previously known as the bond) can be negotiable? Let us get the best deal for you.
  • You can go on leave from an aged care residential facility, not a problem.

We have placed many clients into aged care residential facilities.  Understanding your needs, preferences and financial status lets us put forward the best options to meet your criteria.  It is stressful to grasp the processes, find facilities and understand the finances as well as deal with the hospital.   We work closely with health facilities on the discharge plan and having a sound knowledge of facilities in Melbourne smooths the process.  Also we can negotiate on your behalf to achieve cost savings with fees and charges.

Placement involves a meeting to discuss individual requirements and preferences and provide information outlining the process for entry into aged care.  A list of appropriate facilities will be prepared reflecting your preferences within your preferred locations.  The fees and charges associated with entering aged care will be explained and referral to a specialist aged care financial adviser organised if required.  The service also offers negotiation of the Accommodation Payment, completion of initial paperwork, assistance with completion of Centrelink documentation and guidance through the admission process.