Arranging Respite Care

I care for my wife who has advanced dementia, she needs someone with her 24/7, it can be exhausting and I need a break.

  • You can have regular respite breaks during the year.
  • There are options for respite – respite at home, day respite and respite in an aged care residential facility.
  • You can have an aged care assessment for respite care or pay privately.

We can help to organise respite care in an aged care residential facility, to give you a couple of weeks break.  It is vital carers recharge their batteries so they can continue to do the great job they do as a carers.  Consider doing regular respite to avoid getting worn out.

Arranging respite care involves a meeting to determine requirements and preferences, information as given on the process for accessing respite care.  We will source respite vacancies, organise initial paperwork and coordinate respite admission.  Respite can be organised in an aged care residential facility or at home.

What is Aged Care Respite?


How do I know when it is needed?


Types of Respite?


Who provides respite?


Aged Care Providers for residential care and try your local community centre or day centre to see if they offer day respite.

How do I uncover my options?


Give us a call to arrange an appointment.

How do I get respite care?


For respite in an aged care residential facility you need to be approved through an aged care assessment. There are alternatives to pay privately for respite care.

What are the costs involved?


You pay the daily care fee for respite in an aged care residential facility and you may also have to pay an additional daily fee for specific services if the facility you choose has these in place.

Why do I need the support of Age Well Solutions to help me in sourcing Respite Care?


It can be difficult to find respite beds, we can shorten the process with our knowledge of facilities, established networks and by doing all the leg work. Give us a call.